Work, mindfully

HeadPause has the mission to improve the well-being of employees and managers in their work, through the practice of mindfulness. It is through workshops, guided sessions and mentoring in the workplace that we give your employees the tools they need to overcome the challenges of the corporate world (stress, absenteeism, multi-tasking...).
Being happy at work is possible.
Mindfulness is our ability to pay attention to the present moment, thoughts, emotions, sensations in a non-judgmental manner. It's about being in full contact with what's happening here and now rather than reliving the past or anticipating the future.

Your employees



have a high level of stress

Levels of stress and burnout are increasing, making modern times very expensive for employers. Time seems more and more limited and professional obligations are competing for attention.


removed from your annual budget, for each highly stressed employee

More than 53% of Canadians view anxiety and depression as an "epidemic" in Canada and stress is likely to become the problem of tomorrow in organizations.


of Canada's annual economy attributed to mental health issues

The cost of mental health problems is about $16 billion a year for Canadian businesses. You therefore have every advantage in establishing as early as possible in your company ways to identify and prevent them.

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Why mindfulness ?



of employers offer mindfulness training programs

Mindfulness meditation is a staple of employee development in several Fortune 500 organizations, including Google, Goldman Sachs, Apple, General Mills and Nike.


return on investment

Mindfulness leads to more job performance through better vigor, dedication, and absorption into one’s work. It also reduces turnover intention from your employees.


per employee annualy, in productivity gains alone

Employees who receive mindfulness training improve their performance, find a better work-life balance, are more engaged at work, and perceive their tasks as less routine.

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Mindfulness 101


A simple workshop to introduce your employees to mindfulness. They will learn what mindfulness is, how to practice it daily at work, and the many benefits that it brings.

Guided Session


Give your team a well-deserved break with a guided mindfulness meditation session. Take as little as 30 minutes to help your employees re-energize.



Adopt a long-term vision for your business through our mentoring service. Provide your key employees with training to help your team practice mindfulness internally.

Our services are customizable, according to your needs

Communicate with us the needs of your business: stress workshop, multi-week program, weekly guided sessions, mindfulness conference... And let us give you a personalized solution.


Edouard Murat

Edouard Murat

Mindfulness Consultant, Psychotherapist & Founder of HeadPause

I worked as a software developer for over 6 years, every day I had my eat-sleep-work routine. From the outside everything I did seemed normal, but I could not stand being alone with my thoughts. I had to constantly distract myself to repel my negative thoughts that were getting stronger and stronger.

I felt lonely and helpless in the face of what was happening to me. Negative thoughts kept coming one after the other, forming a downward spiral that drew me constantly towards the bottom... I could not take it anymore, but for me it was unthinkable to go to therapy. I felt broken and I did not want others to know.

I finally took my first step and went to therapy, which allowed me to observe my thoughts and emotions without feeling judged. This experience was liberating, I suddenly realized how important mental health was in my life.

After going through my struggles, I wanted to help others do the same, so I left my career in computer engineering to start a new adventure in psychology. It's at the same time that I started my daily practice of mindfulness meditation.

My bachelor's degree in psychology allowed me to learn more about the mind, but meditating seriously daily has brought me a much greater understanding of myself. And I think it's key! To obtain more peace of mind, it is necessary to know one's own sensations, emotions and thoughts.

It's been more than 4 years now that I practice, every day, mindfulness... and the results are staggering! Less stress, less anxiety, fewer negative thoughts and emotions. More time for myself, more patience, more positive thoughts and emotions. I know my abilities and limits better now. Mindfulness is transformative and I am proof of that, just like many others who followed that same path.

In 2017 I founded HeadPause and now I teach mindfulness to all citizens who wish to positively transform their mental health. Get more peace of mind, it's feasible for you too!

Marie-Josée Nucci

Marie-Josée Nucci

Mindfulness Consultant & Director of Operations

Initially, my story resembles that of many people…. I have a job that I really like. I have been working as a project manager for a number of years. I work hard and am passionate about it. I have a good circle of friends. I am in good shape. I have a life that I consider healthy and balanced.

But quietly and slowly work begins to take a lot of place in my life. I wake up at night and think only of that; everything I have to do, the problems I have to solve, etc. I quietly realize that my work habits are changing. I can't concentrate, I feel exhausted, it's hard for me to make decisions. These changes scare me, but I prefer to ignore them, pretend they don't exist, even though they are growing day by day. I have one goal: continue …. I keep going until the day when something unforeseen is added in my daily life.

That's when I decide to consult. Diagnosis: burnout. My world had just collapsed….and that's when everything tumbled.

It was with the help of therapy and the practice of mindfulness that I got out of it. Passionate about its benefits, I decided to complete a known Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR). And that's when my career and my passion for mindfulness continued.

I have since implemented several distinct mindfulness programs and workshops for different groups. My skills as a project manager combined with my practice, allow me to target customer needs and set up programs based on them.

It is with an open heart and a great willingness to share that I give the workshops. I invite you to discover how simple gestures can have an immense impact on your well-being and on your surroundings.

Kaoutar Chabbar

Kaoutar Chabbar

Administrative Assistant

I like to make a difference in my community, by directly helping people in need. Through my position at HeadPause, I clearly feel that my contribution positively impacts the people who need our help (seniors, people with physical and mental difficulties, health professionals). I enjoy participating in the strategic choices of HeadPause and directing us toward humanitarian causes that I hold dear.