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Free Meditation Group
Free Meditation

Meditation can seem difficult and lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Follow guided meditations, meet like-minded people and learn from others' experience to improve your practice. Join our free meditation group today.

Home Therapy

You're blocking on problems you can't fix? There is no need to struggle on your own anymore, let us help you. We can improve your life together from the comfort of your home. Take your first consultation of home therapy with us, it's free.

Mindfulness Workshops

"What is mindfulness? How can it help me? Am I doing it right?"  Come to our workshop to learn more about mindfulness, practice it with us, and get a deeper understanding of this beautiful practice.


What our customers have to say.


"I really appreciated all your tips and your soothing presence."


"I found Edouard to be a kind, thoughtful and enthusiastic person. It was a pleasure to meditate with him and to learn more [...] through our conversation. I look forward to meditating and talking with him again."


"Lots of nice people and great meditation practice. Helps me continue my own daily meditation."


Your Team

People who are glad to work toward better mental health.

Edouard Murat
Edouard Murat

HeadPause Founder, Home Therapist, Meditation Group Teacher & Mindfulness Workshop Instructor

Kaoutar Chabbar

Kaoutar Chabbar

Administrative Assistant


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About us

A little bit of HeadPause history.

Our beginnings

2014 - Our beginnings

"When I saw how important mental health was in my life, I began my psychological formation alongside daily rigorous meditation practice. I also gave mindfulness presentations at Concordia University while receiving teachings at the MPC-IPCAM." - Edouard

An agency is born

2017 - An agency is born

In the heart of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, we deployed our services through humanitarian and volunteering projects, such as our free meditation group, to help people overcome their problems through the use of home therapy, meditation and mindfulness workshops.

People helping each other

You can help us!

We put a lot of time, money, and effort in helping out our community change its perspective on mental health...one person at a time. Any contributions that you make will go directly into increasing mental health in Montreal. Thank you for your support!

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- 438-228-7721 - Montreal - Mo-Fr 9:00-19:00