Take a real pause, mindfully

In the city, it's more difficult to take a step back and regain our inner calm. That's why we teach urban mindfulness: observing the present moment, adapted to city life.

To live in mindfulness, slow down and taste each second and each breath, that is enough.

Thich Nhat Hanh

How ?

Stress, depression, anxiety, overloaded sensations/emotions/thoughts. The city is full of enemies to our peace of mind, to our good mental health. With an increasingly rapid pace, one easily gets lost in past and future preoccupations, to the point of forgetting to live in the present moment.

To live in mindfulness is to observe the present moment without judgment. It's to find again this simple state of mind of our childhood, this inner calm, lost through the tumults of life. We can teach you to recover this inner calm through this beautiful practice.

Going on a spiritual retreat can help, but it becomes harder to practice without isolating oneself from the difficulties of daily life. It is better to learn how to adapt our practice of mindfulness to our urban way of life, to be able to benefit from it every day.

That's why we offer you progressive services, depending on your level of practice, so that mindfulness gradually becomes part of your daily life. Surrounded by the difficulties found only in the city, here are our tools that will allow you to obtain more peace of mind.


Meditation Group (FR)


Take advantage of our free meditation group to formally practice mindfulness, meet other meditators and improve your practice. Come meditate!

Each week, we practice mindfulness meditation in four stages: body scan, walking meditation, sitting meditation and discussion.

  • Open to all ages and levels
  • No registration required

PS: We close the door at the beginning of the session.

Mindfulness 101


Here is your starting point to begin the practice of mindfulness on the right foot. In this class you will learn what mindfulness is and how to practice it on a daily basis.

This workshop is an introduction to mindfulness and contains as much theory as practice. You will gain a better understanding of what mindfulness is, how to develop it through simple exercises and see the many benefits that flow from its practice.


Mindful Day


This service is one of a kind! Reserve our coach for a whole day / half-day to learn how to apply mindfulness in your daily life and make it a sustainable habit.

Mindfulness is more difficult to practice in an urban environment, surrounded by a lot of distractions on a daily basis, than alone in nature. To remedy this, let our coach transform your day by adding more mindfulness to it...no matter how your day goes.

Our coach...

  • stays with you at all times.
  • brings you back to the present moment as much as possible.
  • practices with you formal and informal techniques adapted to your daily activities.
  • helps you develop good habits.
  • half-day(4h): $160
  • whole day(8h): $300
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Edouard Murat

Edouard Murat

Mindfulness Teacher, Psychotherapist & Founder of HeadPause

I always practiced urban mindfulness. For me, it was essential that I learn to obtain a real peace of mind, which does not depend on my surroundings. Even if you live in the city, it is possible for you too to become more mindful, calm and at peace.

Many meditators I meet still have difficulty maintaining a stable daily practice. That's why I started this work, at HeadPause, of teaching the practice od mindfulness and especially adapting it to our urban life.

It's easy to meditate in silence alone on a mountain, but when you have to take the subway, go to work, drop the kids to school, then the practice of mindfulness must be in harmony with our daily lives.


All I can say is that I feel very relaxed and calm after a stressful day.

Woman avatar Sandra
Man avatar William

I found Edouard to be a kind, thoughtful and enthusiastic person. It was a pleasure to meditate with him and to learn more [...]. I look forward to meditating and talking with him again.

So good Edouard! Great for beginners too. I think your style is accessible + easy-going which is helpful.

Woman avatar Adriana
Woman avatar Anonyme

I really appreciated all your tips and soothing presence.

Thank you! A moment of relaxation well appreciated. I will continue at home and come back.

Man avatar St├ęphane