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The Hardships Of Meditation

This is a message to all of you out there that put a lot of effort in accepting, forgiving, loving and helping others...even if you use your energy for the common good, you have a limited amount to spend in a day without damaging your own bodies and minds. In this article, I’ll enumerate a couple of ways to recharge your batteries when they are depleted by your generous efforts.

29 May 2018 | Edouard Murat

How To Recharge Your Batteries?

This is a message to all of you out there that put a lot of effort in accepting, forgiving, loving and helping others...even if you use your energy for the common good, you have a limited amount to spend in a day without damaging your own bodies and minds. In this article, I’ll enumerate a couple of ways to recharge your batteries when they are depleted by your generous efforts.

24 April 2018 | Edouard Murat

Dos and Don'ts of Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is beautiful, challenging, and very meaningful...that is when it is practiced properly. Today, we are talking about what you should do to be more mindful, but also what traps you should avoid.

11 April 2018 | Edouard Murat

The Sky In My Mind

When we look at our minds, lots of clouds with different shape and colors pass through it. When left on its own, our mind can turn into a nasty storm that becomes very difficult to calm. Thankfully, storms never last and clear up quite nicely under well guided observation. Let’s take some time today to look at the sky in our mind.

27 March 2018 | Edouard Murat

Direction Of Happiness

We all want to be happy and achieve some peace, and to go after this ideal in our life can bring us a lot of satisfaction and joy along our journey...but it really depends a lot on how we see life. We talk today about the direction we take in life and how it impacts our happiness.

13 March 2018 | Edouard Murat

How to manage your thoughts?

Thoughts are very useful when it comes to solving problems, but as much as we like to depend on it in our daily lives...we shouldn’t overuse them. Without a proper management of our thoughts, they can get us into big trouble and spiral out of control. Here are some tips on how to use your thoughts more peacefully without them taking control of your life.

1 March 2018 | Edouard Murat

The importance of friendship

When we have a friend we are no more alone, we can share our difficult and beautiful moments, we can learn to help others and let others help us. Let’s take some time to think about how important friendship really is.

19 February 2018 | Edouard Murat

From hate to love

Many say “don’t hate, just love” and while we want to love more and reduce our hatred, we don’t as much as we would like. Hate can come spontaneously and is hard to deal with...but there is a way to change it, to move from hate to love. Let’s look at how we can hate less and love more.

6 February 2018 | Edouard Murat

The biggest virus: Anxiety?

Ebola, Rabies, Smallpox, Influenza...these are some of the most dangerous viruses we had to fight against. While anxiety is not a “virus” per se, it can spread more rapidly from one person to the next and affects so much more our lifestyles than we would acknowledge. Today, we’ll talk about anxiety, how it impacts us, where it comes from, and how to reduce it in ourselves and our communities.

30 January 2018 | Edouard Murat

How to build your happiness?

Everyone looks for happiness...through pleasure, discovery, altruism...but all in somewhat different ways. I believe that we each have our way of being happy, one for each human being. But even though we are all different, happiness seems to build itself in the same way. Here’s my take on how we can each build our happiness.

23 January 2018 | Edouard Murat

The miracle of patience

Any meaningful work and accomplishment starts with patience, with our ability to wait and have faith in the future. But patience is really more than waiting...for patience is necessary to grow better understanding of ourselves, others around us, and life itself. Patience will help us achieve a long-lived dream of peace and happiness.

19 December 2017 | Edouard Murat

How to stop our monkey mind?

Our mind can take us both in bright pleasant, and dark disagreeable places...which depends quite a lot on our monkey mind. Our monkey mind is restlessly looking for new and exciting adventures, looking for bananas while jumping from one thing to the next without giving us any rest.

14 December 2017 | Edouard Murat

How to choose your therapist?

What makes a therapy successful or not in its treatment? The most important factor in therapy has been shown time and again to be...the relationship between the therapist and his client. Now the quality of this relationship, and therefore of the therapy itself, depends on the therapist, you, and the methods used to help. Let’s go a bit deeper...

5 December 2017 | Edouard Murat

Why it's hard to meditate?

The practice of meditation is becoming increasingly popular, as more people discover its numerous benefits. But many find it difficult to practice, to sit and look at one’s breath, to take the time to appreciate the present moment. Why is that? Let us give you our take on why we believe meditation to be a difficult task.

28 November 2017 | Edouard Murat

5 Easy mindful tricks

“How can I increase my mindfulness daily?”. While retreats and sitted meditations are good ways to increase our mindfulness, they are expensive in terms of time and money. Here are some tricks that will easily help you be more mindful on a daily basis.

20 November 2017 | Edouard Murat

Overcome depression

This article is dedicated to a friend of mine undergoing the battle of depression as we speak, I hope that what I share today will help him out as well as others in the fight.

14 November 2017 | Edouard Murat

How to meditate regularly?

You want to meditate often...great! Let me give you a couple of advices beforehand, so you don’t fall into common traps.

6 November 2017 | Edouard Murat

Why do a therapy?

We all have great potential in life, but many obstacles might come in our way. We can overcome them and come out stronger at the other end with the simple use of therapy. Here are some reasons for why you should give therapy a try.

2 November 2017 | Edouard Murat

4 reasons to start meditation

You’ve been hearing about meditation for some time now and might wonder: Why are people doing this? And why should I? Here are a couple of reasons for you to start the practice of meditation right away.

22 October 2017 | Edouard Murat

4 ways to reduce your stress right now

Stress is present almost everyday of our lives, and even if we wish for it to disappear we might not be able to….but we can certainly reduce how big it is and how much time it stays with us, once it shows up. Here are 4 ways that will help you reduce your stress almost instantly.

18 October 2017 | Edouard Murat

Meditation, a new toolbox for school

Research done on elementary school children (Yoo, 2016) reveals that meditation practice reduces levels of social anxiety, stress, and aggression. It is now possible, and very affordable to help our children effectively. Check out our toolbox!

14 October 2017 | Edouard Murat

Mindfulness to help chronic pain

As a recent scientific study shows (Hilton, 2017), mindfulness reduces chronic pain, depression symptoms and increases the quality of life. Chronic pain is very treatable, thanks to mindfulness. Start with our services!

14 October 2017 | Edouard Murat

Mental health, our common goal

Mental health is more important than ever. It impacts our physical health and economy all over the world (Kleinman, 2016). Now is the time to look at it directly and use therapy, meditation and mindfulness to reduce its impact in our lives. Begin with us!

10 September 2017 | Edouard Murat