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Home Therapy
Let's face it together

Life is full of struggles and therapy can help us overcome them. Share with Edouard, in the comfort of your home, and turn your life around.

Your Problems


Anxiety, depression, anger, grief, fear, mood swings... Our emotions really govern a lot of our life. As your internal world is shaken, you'll find a more solid ground to rest on with therapy.


Obsession, narcissism, borderline, dependence... Your personality is flexible. You can explore yourself, learn to accept your individuality and build skills to evolve toward your best self.


Smoking, drug use, unhealthy eating, insomnia... Any bad habit has negative impacts on you and breaking out of the cycle can be difficult. Let's change it one step at a time.


Friends, family, partner, co-workers... Dealing with others sure can be difficult. Learn many ways to improve your relationships and make the best out of them.

your therapist
Edouard, Your Therapist

Edouard’s approach to increasing your well-being relies on knowledge, compassion, and well-guided effort. He uses a combination of cognitive, behavioral and emotional techniques to help you observe the current situation you are living in, learn a new set of skills necessary to change it, and apply effectively those skills.

Our Approach

ask for help
Ask For Help
  • Share your problems, the wall that is blocking you.
  • Increase trust, honesty, and acceptance of yourself and your therapist.
  • Discover all facets of your problem and gain a new perspective.
  • Pull up your motivation and readiness for change.
build new skills
Build New Skills
  • Discuss ways to change greatly your situation.
  • Develop skills to detect the causes and effects of your problems.
  • Get specific homework and daily practices, for immediate effects.
  • Fix realistic short-term and long-term objectives.
overcome problem
Overcome It !
  • Change negative patterns and prevent relapses for lasting results.
  • Keep track of your progress and adjust accordingly.
  • Improve capacity to keep positive habits over time.
  • Get over it and live a more fulfilling and happy life !


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