Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness Workshop
Introduce yourself to this beautiful practice

"What is mindfulness? How can it help me? Am I doing it right?" Come to our workshop to learn more about mindfulness and try it with us.

Your Questions

what is mindfulness
What Is Mindfulness?

It is our ability to be more present for every moment of our life...But it can be hard to understand without any hands-on experience. Come get a simpler and deeper understanding of mindfulness during our workshop.

can it help me
Can It Help Me?

From chronic pain to depression, mindfulness can reduce a vast array of symptoms that you have. It's practice comes with many benefits regarding your body and mind. See for yourself how beneficial it can be.

how to do it
How To Do It?

Reading and listening to explanations on mindfulness is easy but unfulfilling, for the best way to understand it is really to practice it. Try it out with various exercises during our workshop.

your instructor
Edouard, Your Instructor

Edouard practices mindfulness daily and teaches its principles at our workshop. He believes that mindfulness should only be taught through direct experience, not only with explanations but with proper practice. "Give it a try, to practice mindfulness is to live your life more fully."

Our Workshop

  • Explanations of what is mindfulness.
  • Comprehension of its mechanism.
  • Discovery of different mindful techniques.
  • A Good look at its benefits.
  • Use of different methods to keep us in the present moment.
  • Body scan to be more present of your sensations.
  • Emotional recording to observe your feelings and their impact.
  • Thoughts monitoring as a way to clarify your mind.
coming up
Coming Up

Next workshop of introduction to mindfulness:

June 28th 4:00pm to 6:00pm
1396 St Catherine W. $30